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PhoMedics celebrating one year as a company

Celebrating one year as an incorporated business marks another milestone for our dedicated team. The last year brought a lot of challenges not only to PhoMedics but to the whole as a whole. To enable continuing operations, we had to adapt to the new conditions quickly and guarantee the safety of our staff and their respective families. Thanks to a quick response, we could conduct most of our activities as planned, but some being slightly delayed. When the situation around Covid-19 eases and the travel restrictions are slowly removed, we hope to have the opportunity to meet with all our partners and other stakeholders without any limitations.  


We have welcomed several new members to the team throughout the year, continued our Research and Development procedures, and further adapted our business model to comply with industry standards and regulations. The future is looking bright, and we can't wait to see the challenges and opportunities that the upcoming year might bring us. 

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