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Transforming the healthcare system by creating intelligent solutions to complex issues 


We believe in a world free from cancer and aim to eliminate the need for secondary cancer surgeries and improve patient outcomes.


By developing cutting-edge imaging technologies that provides medical doctors with the pathological information needed to diagnose cancer patients accurately. 


Our groundbreaking CHAMP Microscope™ is a solution that rapidly generates high-resolution histological images of unprocessed tissue specimens during surgery without any need for sectioning or labeling. 

CHAMP Microscope™

Seeing the unseen

CHAMP Microscope™ is a quick and user-friendly solution providing medical doctors with accurate information about the surgical margin during cancer surgery. UV-laser is used to image the surface of freshly excised thick tissue samples. The specific wavelength chosen can generate rich endogenous contrast between cell nuclei and cytoplasm, providing a solid foundation for CHAMP to visualize individual cells without tissue slicing and chemical staining.


Pushing the limits of virtual staining

Deep-CHAMP™ is a semi-supervised deep learning algorithm that virtually stains grayscale CHAMP images into highly accurate histological images that simulate images obtained in the conventional one-week comprehensive report. By virtually staining the grayscale CHAMP images into the classical purplish H&E stained images typically used in clinical pathology, no additional training is required for pathologists since they do not need to change the way they interpret and diagnose patients. 

On-site Imaging

High-resolution images of cells are generated on-site within 3 minutes and with a 10 times faster speed compared to current standard methods.

Enhanced Usability

Our solution utilises a simplistic design to create an easy and practical user experience. Margin Visualisation should not be a hard thing to do.

Non-Toxic and Non-Destructive

Tissue specimens are imaged without any tissue processing or chemical staining, keeping the integrity intact and enable high qualitative histological images.


CHAMP fits perfectly into the current clinical workflow, providing medical doctors with instant pathological information regarding the surgical margin, cancer type, and malignancy.

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