CHAMP Microscope

Simply revolutionizing the way cancer cells are being detected during a cancer surgery


PhoMedics is a young and energetic MedTech startup founded in Hong Kong by members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. We are developing cutting-edge imaging technologies that can help to transform the next generation of cancer treatment. As a company, we strive to unleash the full potential of the healthcare system by introducing innovative solutions and incubating talents and minds. 


CHAMP Microscope

"The game-changing microscope you'll need during every single cancer surgery"

CHAMP is our groundbreaking microscope based on a patented technology. We provide medical surgeons with instant detection and accurate feedback for removing all the cancer cells out from patient bodies during surgery, eliminating the need for repeated cancer surgeries. 





High-resolution images of cells are generated with a 10 times faster speed compared to current standard methods.

We improve the testing accuracy from 65%  (current standard methods) to 95% enabling medical professionals to give a more correct diagnosis. 

Our solution utilizes a simplistic design to create an easy and practical user experience. 

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CHAMP Microscope research collaborator


CHAMP Microscope research collaborator

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Surgeons working in the two leading hospitals in Hong Kong

"We have been waiting for this revolutionary tool for decades"

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