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Quality Policy

At PhoMedics we take quality seriously. Through the implementation of the following quality policy, we aim to show all our stakeholders how we plan to deliver high-qualitative medical products to the market to satisfy unmet medical needs. Our intent is to achieve quality through:

Leadership & Communication

We aim to create a quality commitment from top management throughout the company, involving the whole organization. The management will continuously monitor, evaluate, and communicate the quality policy regularly to all staff members within the organization through training and information sessions. We also aim to maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system through continual improvement.

We aim to attract and maintain talented and trustworthy employees by engaging them in all the organization’s activities and allowing them to further develop their professional skill sets through continuous training and education. 

Legal Requirements 
We are committed to complying with relevant regional, national, and international legal requirements in any market in that we are present.  

Customer Satisfaction & Continual Improvement 
We will always keep our customers and patients at the top of our minds and do our best to understand and fulfill their current and future needs and requirements. Furthermore, we are committed to continually improving our products and processes by utilizing feedback from users, customers, and collaborators. 


Safety & Reliability 

We are committed to delivering innovative, well-designed, safe, and reliable products and services for our customers and patients. Furthermore, we aim to effectively control all our activities, with special emphasis on quality and safety. 

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