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Do you also want to change the way things are?


Unleash the full potential of the healthcare system

At PhoMedics, we are simply revolutionizing the way cancer cells are being detected during cancer surgeries. Our team of researchers is developing cutting-edge imaging technology that enables hospitals to increase their efficiency, maximize the usage of resources, and transform the standard of care.

To succeed, we have gathered a collective of talents under the common purpose of making a change that matters. 


Life at PhoMedics

Building an environment where people can be the best version of themselves.

At PhoMedics, we believe a great workplace should encourage people to create extraordinary things. Our members come from various backgrounds and bring different experiences, mindsets, and knowledge into the team. Creating a diverse atmosphere where everyone can flourish. 

We exist to eliminate the need for secondary cancer surgeries and improve patient outcomes. If you share our vision, then join us to reshape the future of cancer treatment, 

Involve everyone

Learn together

Thrive in life 

We strive to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can feel respected and appreciated.

Jointly is the new solo. By working together, each individual can gain new skills and experiences.

People have to feel well in life to do well at work, and we do whatever we can to support.


Where the magic happens.


First-class equipment

Access to spacious and modern facilities in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. An ideal solution to bridge the gap between academic research and the medical industry.



The next generation of talents.

Internship and co-op program

Our internship and University co-op programs are perfect for students who want to gain hands-on experiences and become more familiar with the MedTech industry. Students joining our programs make an impact from day one. That is one reason why we always pay our interns and program participants. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your future in PhoMedics!

Recent graduates 

Our operations require people from various academic backgrounds, mostly business, engineering, or science-related subjects. You will be in the nexus of a fast-growing startup with plenty of opportunities to be a part of both existing and future projects. If you are the problem-solving team player we are looking for, we would like to hear from you!

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